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Hi, welcome to Sloth Brain! Sloth Brain is a marketplace for single item, dropship or wholesale purchasing.

Single item purchasing: Found something on Sloth Brain you like and want it for you? Then be our guest purchase away.

Dropshipping: You have your own store or you plan on opening one but don’t have the funds or ability to hold vast amounts of stock? No problem, create a dropship account with us and start selling our products. We will then ship these direct to the client for you, we will charge you our basic wholesale rate, all the profit is yours to keep.

Wholesalers: You want to get better rates and increase your profit? That is fine by us, apply for a wholesale account and we will give you better rates, the more you buy over time or the higher your commitment the better rates you will receive.

Copyright… we allow all sorts to be sold here, we sell products from a variety of different sellers. If you believe that something is in breach of your copyright then let us know and we will immediately suspend the item. We will also permanently delete accounts of any repeat offenders. We are kinda scary like that! Gggrrrr